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What do you see my baby
When you look at the world?
Is it a wonder?
Is it amazing?
Does it scare you to see it all so vast around you?
Do you wonder what it is?
How it works?
How it came to be?
Or do you just live in the moment?
Never look back
Not thinking of tomorrow
Is it simply as simple as it is
Its there to walk upon
And there to splash against you when the tide flows in
What do you see
When you see me?
Do you see the one whom held you?
Who sang you to sleep?
Who sat next to you
When it was time to eat?
The one who was stern
When you didn’t behave?
Or the one that takes you places
To make you believe the world is a beautiful place.
I hope I get to show you more
I want you to enjoy as much of it as I can show you
So you can see its a beautiful life
That you’re living.
Youre my kid
My best pal
Love of my life
My Phoenix :)

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